2XME (basics of the programme)

2xME may be a perfect solution for you!

The nutrition system presented in the book was developed to achieve the greatest possible permanent fat loss with the least possible effort and considerable dietary freedom. We created 2xME using the most basic and valid knowledge of human physiology, the latest scientific research and practical experience of over two hundred people (ranging from fairly physically inactive businessmen to professional sportsmen).

  • you have no time to eat six times a day,
  • you like to eat well,
  • you love sweets,
  • you like your food most in the evening,
  • you lack persistence and willpower,
  • you don’t have much time for physical activity,
  • you hate jogging,
  • you are fed up with hours of cardio training.

The diet presented here will not only relatively easily build your body but it will also considerably improve your health and show you the plethora of cooking options you have while following a fat loss programme.

All the rules of 2xME and tips on how to customise it are discussed in detail in the following books: 2xME and 2xME EXTRA.

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