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Who is the 2XME program for

You dream of a sculptured figure, but…

  • you have no time to eat six times a day,
  • you like to eat well,
  • you love sweets,
  • you like your food most in the evening,
  • you lack persistence and willpower,
  • you don’t have much time for physical activity,
  • you hate jogging,
  • you are fed up with hours of cardio training.

The 2XME programme may be a perfect solution for you! The nutrition system presented in this book was developed to achieve the greatest possible permanent fat loss with the least possible effort and considerable dietary freedom.

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Rules of the programme 2XME

  • high calorie deficit only 3 (non-consecutive) days a week,
  • calorie intake close to total daily energy expenditure on the remaining 4 days of the week,
  • 3 filling meals a day + 1–3 large desserts (extra calories) on the fuller days,
  • intermittent fasting for 12–14 hours over a 24-hour period (sleep included),
  • breakfast skipping or late breakfasts recommended,
  • times of meals and desserts (extra calories) individually matched to the rhythm of the day,
  • selection of the right nutrition plan dependent on gender, body weight, age and training proficiency,
  • meals as healthy as possible and considerable freedom in choosing the type of extra calories,
  • permanent moderate protein content in diet, diverse content of carbohydrates and fats,
  • no or little cardio activity (aerobic exercise),
  • no endurance training (e.g. long-distance running),
  • weight training 2–4 times a week only for those who do not want just to reduce fat but also develop (or keep) more muscle

Who we are

Tobiasz Wilk

MSc in Physiology of Human Nutrition, passionate about dietetics focusing on body shaping and health prophylaxis.

Agnieszka Wilk

MSc in Food Technology, promoter of healthy nutrition in a broad sense of the term.

Meet us

Check out body transformations with 2XME

Tomek Dela

Tomek Dela six months ago was a nice chybby guy weighing 120kg with 198 cm height. Six months of following 2XME rules gave him stunning results! The most interesting part is that Tomek almost to the end stick to the scheme with 3 desserts (extra calories) on non-deficit days!

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Weight: 120 Waist: 120
Weight: 92 Waist: 88

Bartek Mączka

Bartek Mączka in less than half a year of using the 2XME program, Bartek Mączka lost 15kg and 16cm at the waist. Bartek does not like sweets so his extra calories spent on increasing valuable meals or … alcohol. Cardio training has used only in minimal amounts just for health, which was explained in details in our books.

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Weight: 96 Waist: 80
Weight: 80 Waist: 65


Paulina during the 6 months of using the 2XME program, Paulina lost 23 kg and her waist decreased by as much as 30 cm!!! What is also extremely important, thanks to the wise exit from the reduction diet (details in 2XME books), the effects are still the same till today!

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Weight: 74 Waist: 100
Weight: 51 Waist: 70

Grażyna Wogórka

Grażyna Wogórka is a young new mother who with the help of the 2XME program, achieved a better figure than she presented before pregnancy (48kg, height 163cm). On the day of delivery her weight was 60kg, and half a year later the weight was 54kg (photo on left). After that Grażka decided to improve her figure based on the rules contained in 2XME books. In 4 months she lost 10 kg gaining some muscle mass and achieving a vital form.

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Weight: 54 Waist: 83
Weight: 44 Waist: 68

Dawid Zydrowicz

A sensational metamorphosis of Dawid with the 2XME program. During the 14-week period he managed to sculpt his body and even take second place in a competition in Sopot.

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Weight: 83 Waist: 82
Weight: 73 Waist: 69

Monika Rybak

Great body transformation (simultaneous fat loss and muscle building) based on the 2XME program.


Monika ate 3 meals a day and on the non-deficit days (4 times a week) 3 portions of extra calories (mainly in the form of chocolate, fruit and additional quantities of carbohydrate products). Crossfit training 4 times a week. Zero cardio and intervals.

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Weight: 62 Waist: 73
Weight: 55 Waist: 64

Paweł Dudek

Body transformation results sent by Paweł are the effect of a 6-month fat reduction and one-month stage of getting out of the deficit program. During his 2XME program, Paweł resumed strength training after a 2-year break, which resulted in a well-visible reconstruction of muscle mass.

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Weight: 109 Waist: 117
Weight: 85 Waist: 84